BTS (방탄소년단) Single “Dynamite” 🧨 Comeback goals

BTS (방탄소년단) will be releasing an English single “Dynamite ” on August 21st 2020 as well the official music video. A second music video will be released on August 24th, 2020. An album will follow later on in the year.
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Dynamite 🧨 Out Now!

There is also an instrumental version of the song, streaming and purchasing the instrumental on any platform counts towards charting. You also may now use Youtube playlists, remember we have a weekly and monthly goal.

Out on Youtube now!

Out on iTunes now!

out on amazon music now!

out on google play music now!

out on Spotify now!

out on Deezer now!

Refer below to proper streaming methods. Do not play songs that are competing with BTS' chart positions, avoid major artists. Below is a generator that customized your kind of playlist, length wise, Spotify or Apple, with other artists or not.

Spotify + Apple playlists

U.S ARMYS: PURCHASE DYNAMITE ON VINYL, cassette, and digital

There is a current wait for download links, keep an eye on your email and wait for a confirmation that your downloads will be OFFICIAL
Already purchased? To help track orders submit proof of purchase at the link below:

What are the overall comeback goals for Dynamite?

Non-US Specified Country Goals

How could I get a free trial for a streaming service?

The list includes different trial length times, as well as student and military discounts. Family plans are offered, this can be shared with friends and family and allow the user to split the monthly cost of the subscription.

What kind of streaming should I do? Whats the difference?

YouTube Music and YouTube Premium are a two tier subscription with slightly different features, however YTM is downloadable for free but a monthly subscription is needed to access full features = paid streaming. In terms of paid streaming YouTube Premium (11.99/month) weighs more chart wise than YouTube Music (9.99/month).

When purchasing YouTube Premium, with no additional cost you obtain Google Play Music as a bundle deal.

How do I properly stream on Spotify?

How do I properly stream on Apple Music?

How do I properly stream on YouTube in order for my views to count?

REMINDER: Please consider obtaining a free trial for a premium account for streaming, views will not be deleted as much

How do I properly Shazam Dynamite?

Shazam is important as it allows radio and playlist curators to see what songs are trending, this can lead to overall radio play.

How do I download iTunes on a windows computer?

What's the proper way to purchase Dynamite to help charting?

How can I use TikTok to help Dynamite?

I can't afford to pay for Dynamite

Even if you have paid for the single already numerous times, contact and follow listed sources of funding to receive more copies. There needs to be enough people who can take the funds and put them to use.

Have extra funds to spare? Donate!

What is BTS' upcoming promotional schedule?

Promotional posters and videos

Bring awareness to the release of Dynamite by posting promo posters and/or videos indicating the release date, it's encouraged to spread on platforms that could not be aware or lacking information in regards to the single.

Follow BTS!

Keep up to date with BTS on SNS for upcoming activities and awareness for their overall comeback!
It's important to keep up engagement on their social media, create accounts on platforms you are not on yet!